OKC Orchestra League Symphony Show House Projects

The purpose of the show house projects is to raise funds so the league can support the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and its music education programs. Seven years in a row, Angela was chosen by the Orchestra League Committee to design a room in that year’s show house.

2014 Symphony Show House Living Room

This is one of our favorite rooms Angela decorated in the 2014 Symphony Show House. The simple elegance of the formal living room is very structural in style and design. David Cobb of David Cobb Photography took this night shot as the blood red moon was rising. Original oil paintings by artist, Blake Morgan.

2013 Symphony Show House Living Room

Angela was chosen to design the living room in the contemporary house at The Trio of the Abby in the Fairview Farms Subdivision. Adding to the modern eclectic feel of the home, Angela chose to add contemporary furnishings to contrast with the distressed wood beams and wood flooring.

2012 Symphony Show House Dining Room

Angela was chosen to design the formal dining room in the 2012 show house located in the historic neighborhood of Heritage Hills. The first step in the design process was to replace the outdated hunter green wall color. Angela chose a silver metallic paint for the walls and ceiling to reflect the light from the refined crystal chandelier and the light streaming in through the windows. Elements in the room were a mix of warm wood tones, rich silk, luxurious leather and a hand woven silk rug.

2011 Symphony Show House Master Bedroom

Located in exclusive Nichols Hills, the master bedroom suite of this traditional home was so grand in scale that Angela divided the space into three separate zones. She added large scale furniture and chose a restful robin egg blue accent wall color.

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